September 27, 2007

What Are Some Useful Guides to Collecting?

A list of some useful guides to collecting vintage paperbacks or first editions:

- McBride's A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions. Comment: Essential if you are interested in eventually becoming a seller or a serious collector.

- Ahearn, Allen. Book Collecting: A Comprehensive Guide. Comment: Another essential book with numerous examples and references.

- Bradley, Van Allen. Gold In Your Attic and More Gold In Your Attic. Comment: Essential for book sellers.

- Carter, John. ABC For Book Collectors. Comment: All purpose guide, probably a little outdated but useful.

- Tannen, Jack. How To Identify and Collect American First Editions. Comment: Haven't used it so no comment.

- Wilson, Robert A. Modern Book Collecting. Comment: Excellent little book, with several humourous anecdotes and a good no-nonsense guide to book collecting.

- Zempel, Edward N. and Linda A. Verkler. First Editions: A Guide To Identification, Third Edition. Spoon River Press. Comment: Haven't used so no comment.

- Ellis, Ian C. Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books, 1996. Comment: Good quality book.

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